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Cumberland Island is the largest and southernmost of the Georgia Sea Islands perfect for your getaway vacation or even a honeymoon getaway. Located about 10 miles southeast of Brunswick, Georgia, adjacent to Jekyll Island, Cumberland is bordered by St. Andrews Sound on the north, Amelia Island, Florida to the south, and on the west by Cumberland Sound and the Cumberland River, part of the Intracoastal Waterway. Easily accessible to the ports of Fernandina Beach, Florida and St. Marys, Georgia, Cumberland is a mere 40 minute boat ride through sweeping vistas of lush coastal lowlands, a rich and scenic wildlife habitat.


For The Ideal Romantic Getaway in Georgia

Cumberland is approximately 18 miles long and 3 miles wide, our nation's largest wilderness island. A smooth sandy beach stretches the entire length of the eastern shore, sometimes nearly a mile wide. Sand dunes are prevalent, and Greyfield, the luxury romantic hotel, has a small wooden gazebo nestled in one of them, where you can enjoy the great variety of marsh and sea birds like great blue herons, gulls, ibis and terns.

On the south end, the stately ruins of Dungeness are all that remain of the original estate built by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie in the late 1800's. Younger brother and business partner of financier Andrew Carnegie, Thomas died before Dungeness was completed, leaving his wife and nine children. Mrs. Carnegie was a dominant figure on the island. Expanding her husband's initial acquisitions, she eventually owned 90% of the island. She initiated renovation of Dungeness and construction of four additional mansions built as island homes for her children.
CUMBERLAND DUNESCAPE getaway vacation, honeymoon getaway, luxury romantic hotel CUMBERLAND DUNESCAPE
"Lighthorse Harry" Lee, Revolutionary War general and friend of Nathaneal Greene, was among those buried in the Greene-Miller cemetery near Dungeness. In 1818 while sailing north along the Georgia coast, failing health prompted Lee to seek refuge at Dungeness where he was cared for by Louisa Shaw, then mistress of Dungeness, until his death a few weeks later. In 1913 Lee's remains were removed to the Washington and Lee University Chapel in Virginia where they were placed alongside those of his son, Robert E. Lee. Catherine Greene Miller, her daughter Louisa and Louisa's husband James Shaw are all buried here. Many graves within the tabby walls are unmarked, and probably one of them is the grave of Catherine Greene's second husband, Phineas Miller.

Inland from the beach the interior island is thick with dense coastal vegetation of palmetto stands, tall pines and moss-shrouded live oak forests. Explore Cumberland's treasures by jeep with an island Naturalist, watch for the famous wild horses or alligators sunning along creek banks, catch a fleeting glimpse of whitetail deer or bobcat. From tales about the Carnegie family and the plantation days of cotton, sugar cane and indigo, to Greyfield's popularity with presidents and kings, your personally created dialogue and tour will compel you to return time and again!
CUMBERLAND HORSESİSANDY JONES getaway vacation, honeymoon getaway, luxury romantic hotel DUNGENESS RUINSİSANDY JONES
January - February
Weather is usually cool and cold at our luxury romantic hotel with a few northeast storms that deposit large quantities of seashells on the beach. Beach combing is most productive at this time of year. Mink and otters are active during daylight hours and are most often seen around docks where they search for fish. This is the breeding season for Bobcats and they are sometimes seen on the roads up and down the island.

March - April
Beachcombing during your getaway vacation is still good with a lot of different species and shells coming ashore after northeast storms. March starts the breeding season for Wild turkeys. Look for mature male birds doing their courtship displays in open areas like Stafford Field during the early morning hours. The deer start having their fawns by April. Reptiles become active in April. Alligators are most often seen sunning themselves on the creek banks during this month as well. Watch for large flocks of migratory shore birds coming through at this time. April is another month for all around good weather.

May - June
A beautiful time of year for that one and only honeymoon getaway. Songbirds like the colorful Painted Buntings start nesting activities in the Island forest. Some shore birds like OysterCatchers nest in the fore dune areas near the beach. By mid-May the first Loggerhead Sea Turtles start to come ashore to nest. Their huge tracks are easy to spot on the beach. By June, Manatees frequent the salt marsh areas and are often seen near the docks.
June - July
By early July, Sea Turtle nesting reaches its peak will highlight your Georgia romantic getaway. Surf fishing is good with a lot of redfish in the area. The salt marsh is full of mullet, blue crabs and shrimp. Afternoon thunderstorms with spectacular lightning displays and rainbows are common.

September - October
At this time of year your getaway vacation will experience large bird migrations taking place. Over 300 species of birds have been identified on Cumberland Island. Most of them are migratory. Look for Peregrine Falcons on the beach beginning the last week of September through the first two weeks of October. An occasional Bald Eagle can be seen passing through as well. Look for hatchling Sea turtles on the beach this time of year. This is the breeding season for white-tailed Deer (the fall rut). Look for Buck Deer with antlers along the Main Road south of Greyfield and on Greyfield Beach Road. Wild Muscadine grapes become ripe in September and are fed upon heavily by both Wildlife and humans. Deer, feral hogs and wild turkeys are often seen foraging on the fall acorn crop that falls to the ground in October. Surf fishing reaches its peak this time of year. Big redfish cruise the shallows near shore. Fishing off Greyfield's dock at night is good for Sea Trout.

November - December
November is one of the best months for all around good weather and perfect for a romantic getaway in Georgia. The days are sunny but cool, insect and reptile activity slows down considerably. As the water cools, fish start to move out of the salt marsh. The marsh grasses turn from green to gold. Bottle-nosed dolphins are often seen feeding on the remaining schools of mullet in the marsh creeks. The first week of December is usually the peak of the fall color season. Isolated patched of color occur all over the Island but most of it is in the fresh water swamp areas where red maples, tupelo and hickories are most common. The first winter frost or freeze usually develops by mid-December.

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