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GREYFIELD INN Like the tide, time moves slowly on Cumberland Island. You cannot explain experience it. Time slows to the rhythm of nature, the distant figure of a person walking the beach is unusual and the wild horses roam the island for the sheer pleasure. Greyfield Inn, with its family stories richly woven throughout every winding pathway, is the rambling old home of Lucy Ferguson, granddaughter of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie. Today's story belongs to her descendents, who carry on the tradition of gracious, uncluttered hospitality. The magic lies in the Island itself and the Inn is a welcoming respite for the discerning Bride and Groom.

Greyfield Inn is as far away from today's technology as The Milky Way. From the moment you step onto the Lucy R. Ferguson, a replica of a New England lobster trawler that transports you into the wondrous world of the Cumberland Sound and past the frail wooden docks of bygone eras, center stage belongs to the Island. Descendents of Thomas Carnegie, share family lore and legends. The 8-mile ride makes you actually believe that you could escape forever to compose a symphony, hide in a sand dune and listen to the wind or just sit on the shore fishing and talking.

Greyfield, with its 17 guestrooms, beckons you from the dock and within steps you're standing at a grandiose staircase leading up to the front verandah that begs you to sit in a rocker even before you unpack your wedding attire. The staff of 25 is perfect for making sure everyone is comfortable, acquainting you with your room and the dining hours; yet they disappear quickly leaving you to explore a bit on your own. If you come with family and friends, the sunlit living room with treasures on every windowsill should be your first glimpse. In winter, the fireplace is inviting. In spring and fall, you must walk first to the beach and restore yourself for the coming festivities.

Ah, the Cumberland Beach! It's a majestic sweep of sand dotted with shells and other reminders of sea life...and it's deserted! Greyfield has its own small wooden gazebo on a high dune (perfect for a small wedding ceremony) and on a pleasant day, you can watch the blue herons, gulls, ibis and terns making their patterns in the sky. The sandy path leads back to the Inn and when you climb the stairs, you may breathe the heady aroma of warm baked breads and the Chef's specialties being readied for dinner.

After your wedding luncheon or dinner in the cool months, retire to the grand fireplace in the living room. One cannot overlook that this was a home; photos of the Carnegie's dressed in stiff Gay Nineties collars and formal Victorian attire, rooms comfortably appointed, denoting the splendid opulence of the era of the robber baron, each room and porch a favorite retreat for discussions or dalliance. It was only 1970 when the Inn became electrified, so the night skies have no illuminating competition. One of the most romantic destinations of the world, the moon and constellations are your ceiling, while the owls, bullfrogs, warblers and wrens punctuate the quiet with their distinctive voices.

Reserving Greyfield Inn for your exclusively private wedding is simple. Because Cumberland Island is a National Seashore and part of the National Park System, retreating to Greyfield is truly undisturbed. It is inaccessible unless you're an 'invited guest' or a 'member of the family'. It is our nation's largest wilderness Island and if privacy is what you're seeking, there is no equal to this Southern treasure. Nothing at Greyfield is contrived. Each room is decorated with family heirlooms and photographs. Guests feel comfortable knowing that they are enjoying Greyfield exactly as the family did generations ago.

Once Cumberland Island takes your breath away, you'll be ready to journey for a day through the moss shrouded twisted oak forests, forests so quiet you can hear yourself breathe. Take a jeep ride with a naturalist across the vast emerald marshes, where you can learn the secrets of the hardwood and pine forests and hear the courting bellow of the alligator. Perhaps youšll spot stallions jumping a steeplechase of trees or a fleeting image of whitetail deer. From tales about the Carnegie family and the Plantation Days of cotton, sugar cane and Greyfield's popularity with Presidents and Kings...your personally created Wedding will compel you to return time and again to explore the barrier island that is Cumberland. It's a world apart.
The Greyfield Inn is located on Cumberland Island National Seashore along the coast of Georgia

For information and to make reservations contact
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